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Luxury Travel Tour Operators

As a tour operator, you promise a stress-free, dream holiday vacation for your clients. Golden Wings Transportation helps you deliver on your promise which is why we’re the trusted choice of the top travel tour operators in the world. 

Why DO THE TOP TRAVEL TOUR OPERATORS IN THE WORLD Choose Golden Wings Transportation?

We know you have a choice when it comes to who will provide transportation for your guests. Here’s how Golden Wings is different. 
Experience Matters
We have over 20 years of experience providing guided tours of Los Angeles and other popular tourist destinations in the Western United States. We know the roads, special points of interest and can even recommend special stops based on the profile of your tour group. 
We know you have a choice when it comes to charter transportation for your guests. And creating dream vacations that are also affordable to your clients is critical. Golden Wings will listen to your exact needs and respond quickly with suggested vehicles, itinerary and budget. We will work with you to ensure you provide an extraordinary experience for your guests, while ensuring competitive pricing that maximizes value.
Multi-Lingual Driver Guides
Our drivers are multi-lingual and in addition to English, can provide tours in French, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish. Being able to experience the tour in-language ensures your guests will never miss out on driver instructions, destination highlights or even our silly jokes and stories. 
Luxury Fleet
Tours are not just about the price. The quality of the vehicles transporting your guests affects their overall customer satisfaction. At Golden Wings, your guests will be delighted the second they peek inside our vehicles. Our executive and jet sprinters and mid-size buses are equipped with luxury custom seating, SmartTVs, WiFi, USB ports, mini-fridge and complimentary waters. Plus, our massive cargo hulls will easily store all their luggage, golf clubs or anything else they need to take along for their trip. 
Safety and Quality
At Golden Wings, we aim to provide a worry-free travel experience by ensuring the highest level of safety for our guests. And it starts with the vehicles themselves. We never cut corners when it comes to investment in high quality tires, parts and regular preventative service maintenance. Before your charter, your vehicle will go through a 45-point, rigorous inspection before it leaves our base to ensure safety, but also a sparkling clean interior equipped with all working features. Our fleet interiors are fully customized and gorgeous, far exceeding the quality of vehicle you’ll get with other charter companies. All vehicles are GPS equipped and tracked for your safety and driver details are readily available at your request. We're DOT and CHP inspected annually and are extremely proud of our 20+ year track record of excellence in safety compliance.
Our Clients
We have a long history and have created deep friendships with some of the top travel tour operators globally.  Together we provide exceptional travel experiences for our guests.  If you'd like a reference, just let us know, we're happy to connect you. 


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